I have often been asked how I got into Massage Therapy. My answer is: it just kind of happened. I

never searched for it. I didn’t really

even think about it- it just happened. I hadn’t thought I could enjoy what I do so much. But when I first started learning about the body and ways to alleviate pain, I completely fell in love. Being a Massage Therapist is an amazing opportunity thankful it found me. I love performing Massage Techniques and providing clients with comfort and relief to assist them in feeling better and promote them to go on with their daily life’s goals. As a new found athlete and mother of two, I personally desire the benefits massage has to offer and enjoy having the ability to bring clients the satisfaction their looking for.
I have been licensed since 2003, after completing my 1 year apprenticeship program. Each year I feel I continue to get better and better at what I do. I continue to grow stronger, gain more practice and improve my abilities. I enjoy performing deep tissue massage, because that is what I personally love myself. But I also understand when a client just needs a relaxing stress reducing technique. Every day in life is different and what we as people need each day varies. I am open to feedback and want to know what each client is looking to get out of their session.
I personally put my body through a lot. From running, swimming, biking, hiking, chasing two little energetic boys around and keeping up with everyday life. I am thankful to have a body that lets me do all the things I desire.

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