Massage really just kinda fell into my lap. I started my apprenticeship program

thinking massage would

just fill in the financial gaps. But, inevitably I found that I had a deep passion to assist one in taking steps forward on their path to healing. To see a person transform into knowing what it’s like to be free of pain and being able to see them only on a upkeep basis from say a weekly session is very rewarding. I like to ask enough questions to find the true intent that the client has for the session. Ranging from Deep Tissue Massage, actually stripping and cleaning the muscle, to a gentle hands on approach with Craniosacral Therapy that deals with bones of the cranium and sacrum, connective tissue of the body, and possible energy cysts that may reside in the body.  To the most popular therapeutic massage. I try to focus and be present in all of my sessions to listen the body to not only help the effect, where the pain is at, but to find the possible cause of the pain.  To allow us to be Proactive about our pain instead of Reactive to our pain.

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